About me

My name is Tobias Hill and I live with my wife, two kids and a dog, in Stockholm, Sweden.

I loves learning / building new things. Ever since the 8-bit-era1 I have built software and have also done some 25 years as a consultant for various clients in various roles. During that time a bunch of hobby software projects also saw the light of day. A few so-so, some ok, a fraction successful ones2.

As a software developer I …

  • … am a strong proponent of minimalism (as in simplest viable solution … always).
  • … prefer to drive development from hypotheses very close to the business. Measurable small business steps.
  • … have a strong focus on getting things done and the stamina to take it all the way from a fragment of an idea to a release or deployment. (If you have 10 minute to spare you are welcome to have a look at what I said about this on Agila Sverige 2014).

I am also one of the proud founders of the extraordinary software company, Citerus AB, which has been a substantial part of the agile movement in Sweden. There I was a cultivator / servant leader (consultant, developer, recruiter, sales, coo) for 22 years. What I am most proud over with Citerus is the altruistic non-ego never-ending-curious passionate let-us-all-build-better-software-culture that was carefully nurtured over those years. Still, 22 years is a long time why I decided to leave in the summer of 2018.

For the time being I do consultancy work via my company Tailworks AB.

My current main interests are: Machine learning (hence this blog), Programming, CrossFit™, Trail-running, Cooking, Craft beer, Typography, Photography, Light & Nature.


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  1. The 8-bit-era was all about the C64 for me. To my surprise I found demo code I made when I was 17 years old in a compilation someone uploaded to youtube. Here. For the sake of modern archeology. And vanity. Starting at 02:10. A ball bouncing in a net. https://youtu.be/jXeMtKrqtFY?t=128
  2. Notably I wrote the game WordBrain for smartphones which became a big hit (it has been ranked the number 1 word-game in 140+ countries).